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t3 is an innovative training institute committed to improving the skills and knowledge of people working with vulnerable populations in a range of human services and health care settings. We believe that a skilled workforce is essential to mount a serious response to complex social problems. To help develop the knowledge and skills of the workforce, we build on established core competencies and skills standards to train on evidence-based and promising practices.

Our learning products include:

  1. Knowledge @ Work: Cutting-edge, self-paced online units — engaging, flexible, and designed for learning at home or in the office. These competency-based courses are ideal for new staff orientation, training people across an entire agency or community, volunteers, or as a refresher for more experienced staff.
  2. Innovative Learning Tools: Interactive, multi-media resources that provide knowledge and enhance skills, for use on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Current products include eBooks, with digital graphic novellas and an online simulation game on Motivational Interviewing currently in development.
  3. Skills Courses: Instructor-led online courses that focus on evidence-based and promising practices. Learners engage with one another and with expert instructors through easily accessible online classroom technology.
  4. Blended Learning Packages: Interactive, experiential, face-to-face training blended with Knowledge @ Work, innovative learning tools, and follow-up coaching via videoconference. Face-to-face training builds knowledge and skills through practical learning, peer interaction, and case examples.

Because it is often a combination of online and onsite learning that can truly transform the staff of an organization or an entire community, we will work with you to develop a training package that will meet your needs. Whether you are interested in training for staff in a particular role, agency-wide opportunities on a specific topic, or individual professional development, we look forward to working with you. Contact us at info@thinkt3.com.

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About US | T3
T3 is an innovative training institute committed to improving the skills and knowledge of people working in health and human services.